The identical twins fell in love with the same girl but she preferred to marry the younger of the twins.

The elder one got upset and asked her, “we both brothers look same and our likes and dislikes are also similar.Why did you then choose my brother over me?”.

She smiled and said, “true, but I fell for the most beautiful heart that your brother processes.”

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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Pink meant love,pink meant friendship.Pink was good health and cuteness too.
Delicate frills on baby’s frocks and warm booties on little one’s feet.
The hint of blush on the new bride’s cheeks and nervousness on the face of interviewee.
It meant all of them until it became the symbol of loss.It was the ‘pink ribbon’, he lost his ‘love’ to.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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They preferred calling each other mate as they believed that people become judgemental with names.

They neither knew each other’s names nor faith yet they loved each other with all their sincerity.

They made the moon,stars and the waves of the sea the ultimate witness of their simple beach wedding.

People wondered if such a marriage would work.But they showed the world that it could.Long after they were married, they knew the names and faith too, yet they preferred mate.

-The Chubby Little Girl.


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She was one of the youngest achievers in her field from her city and thus was  awarded along with other women achievers on the eve of International Women’s Day

On her way back,she took a cab and promptly sent the number of the cab to her dad residing in another city.For,though,she was hailed in the felicitation function as bold and fearless,the fact remained that she constantly felt unsafe in the company of unknown men.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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Hearing the sound of heavy machinery, I looked out of the window dreading the sight.

The raised platform surrounding the tree was obliterated.It was once a place for children to play,womenfolk to pray to the deity whom they had consecrated there and menfolk to relax in the evenings.

The peepal tree which was the centre of all these activities and a home to innumerable birds now lay like a fallen soldier.Its strong branches which acted like a green canopy were nowhere to be seen.The once majestic tree was reduced to mere logs of wood.

What lay before me was pure devastation.Surely we paid a heavy price for development.

-The Chubby Little Girl.


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She went into his room tenth time since morning and it looked spotlessly clean.Every time she saw the clean room, she realised that he had left for boarding school.

Till a day earlier, the same room looked so messy to her that she would keep reminding her son to keep it clean.Once he was gone, she secretly wished the room to become messy again.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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The little boy saw his father and other people grieving beside his mother who lay motionless on the floor.He grew restless and started pestering his dad to get new batteries.Dad eventually lost his patience and shouted at his son.

With tears in eyes the little boy said, “dad once you explained to me how our body works like a wonderful machine.Why don’t you get new batteries so that we put them into mom’s body and restart the machine just like my toy cars.”

Dad didn’t know how to explain that some machines cannot restart how much ever one tries.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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The workers were to congregate at their work place to demand for better working conditions, permanent houses to reside and pay increase.

The shrewd employer anticipating the unrest,increased the pay marginally.

Next day,none turned up to protest and demand.Probably they forgot about the working conditions and houses in their jubilitions.


-The Chubby Little Girl.

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