I touch the wall of the dilapidated building and the paint begins to peel off.The names of the best friends aren’t there anymore.I try to relive the days spent here.Running in the corridors as a kid, sitting on the parapet and gossiping with friends, looking at the boards sometimes with a blank expression.

I see the laughter, enjoyment, friendships, silent tears and the knowledge gained, all in a flash.

I look and touch one last time, my old school building that is on the verge of demolition.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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He spotted her in the airport food court after ages, sharing a meal with her family.Her appearance had changed completely.From waist long, jet black to beautiful burgundy shoulder length hair.From traditional salwar kameezes to fitted jeans and top.Only the smile was the same.

And then he noticed the juice glass, as she left to go.Just like old times,she left last 2 sips for the devil.The devil’s share for him.

Both boarded different airplanes.He wondered whether she saw him while she hoped that he noticed the devil’s share for him.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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“What pains you the most?” asked the doctor to the depressed young patient encouraging her to talk about her recent heart break.

“To see that I don’t reside in his heart even in my own dreams”. Said the patient sadly.

A soundless snap took place somewhere deep inside and a sudden tear appeared from nowhere.The pain was familiar.

Thankfully the kerchief from the white coat pocket saved the doctor.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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Dad taught the value of money to his son since the beginning.However, he realised that he went a little too far in imparting his knowledge when the son put him in the cheapest available old age home since taking care of dad at home was proving costlier.

For once, dad wished he had given importance to teaching to value relationships  more than money.


-The Chubby Little Girl.

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He was dancing watching his favourite Bollywood song on the TV and she was dancing to the same tune while rolling out chapatis in the kitchen.

It was the same song she used to dance to while carrying him.Guess….. it was the ‘umbilical cord connect’.


-The Chubby Little Girl.

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She wished she could become invisible everytime there was a problem in her life.And then he came into her life like a knight who taught her to be brave and face the hurdles with a smile.

She faced the biggest hurdle when she lost him forever but he had made her brave enough.And she knew that he was there with her forever, though, invisible.


-The Chubby Little Girl.

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The identical twins fell in love with the same girl but she preferred to marry the younger of the twins.

The elder one got upset and asked her, “we both brothers look same and our likes and dislikes are also similar.Why did you then choose my brother over me?”.

She smiled and said, “true, but I fell for the most beautiful heart that your brother possesses.”

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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Pink meant love,pink meant friendship.Pink was good health and cuteness too.
Delicate frills on baby’s frocks and warm booties on little one’s feet.
The hint of blush on the new bride’s cheeks and nervousness on the face of interviewee.
It meant all of them until it became the symbol of loss.It was the ‘pink ribbon’, he lost his ‘love’ to.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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They preferred calling each other mate as they believed that people become judgemental with names.

They neither knew each other’s names nor faith yet they loved each other with all their sincerity.

They made the moon,stars and the waves of the sea the ultimate witness of their simple beach wedding.

People wondered if such a marriage would work.But they showed the world that it could.Long after they were married, they knew the names and faith too, yet they preferred mate.

-The Chubby Little Girl.


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She was one of the youngest achievers in her field from her city and thus was  awarded along with other women achievers on the eve of International Women’s Day

On her way back,she took a cab and promptly sent the number of the cab to her dad residing in another city.For,though,she was hailed in the felicitation function as bold and fearless,the fact remained that she constantly felt unsafe in the company of unknown men.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

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