“Stop right there”! Aunty yelled.

The teenager had no inkling as to what went wrong.She had come to stay with her aunty barely a week ago to pursue her higher education in the new city.

And then it came like a slap on her face.

“Hasn’t your mother taught you not to enter kitchens or sacred places on those days lest you pollute them?”.Aunty spoke aloud on seeing the stained kurta of the teenager.

The teenager stood petrified on the kitchen entrance.

“She taught me to take care of hygiene,eat healthy food and rest well”.The young girl turned defensive.

“Shift to the outhouse right now with your belongings for the next five days.Your food will be served there.Once you are through,you can come back after the holy bath.”Aunty ordered.

“Aunty when you shift to the outhouse on those days,who looks after the house and cooks?”.Asked the young girl innocently.

Suddenly there was silence.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

Copyright © 2018 https://thechubbylittlegirl.wordpress.com
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