She missed her once upon a time dreamy eyes.

Those eyes believed in happily ever after and had innumerable dreams to achieve.

They were forever in search for the perfect face with charming looks and killer smile.Chivalrous ways, heart of gold and eyes so deep that touched the soul.

For them everything was either right or wrong, good or bad and nothing in between.

Introvert and shy,her conscious, big dreamy eyes.

The eyes don’t have dreams anymore for they have targets to achieve .They don’t look for the perfect face now,since they realise that the perfect face looks good only in books.And life isn’t just about black and white.There are grey shades too in between.

From being an open book of feelings to closely guarding secrets,her dreamy eyes have surely come a long way.

-The Chubby Little Girl.

Copyright © 2018 https://thechubbylittlegirl.wordpress.com


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