Welding Anniversary

‘She’ called up her parents to wish them on their wedding anniversary.Mom complained about the small fight dad and she had that very morning but she also excitedly described about the little party she was holding to celebrate their anniversary.

‘She’ then wished dad and asked whether it was a wedding anniversary or ‘welding anniversary’ ,very casually hinting at the fight.Dad, who had worked in a mining industry for more than 30 years and retired had a hearty laugh and said, “we don’t weld our machinery because welding can give away anytime bringing permanent damage to the machinery.We believe in riveting as it protects the machinery from all kinds of jerks.A few rivets may become loose in case of extreme jerks but no damage ever happens to the machinery.Your mom and I have been riveted for life.There is no place for welding.”

-The Chubby Little Girl.



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